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Frequently Asked Question

Check the most common asked questions & join us.

How to add a DNS record?

To add a DNS record, go to Site Tools > Domain > DNS Zone Editor. From the Create New Record choose the desired type of DNS record. Then fill in the necessary DNS information and click Create to create the new record.

Where are my affiliate referrals?

To see your affiliate referrals, go to Affiliate > Reporting > Commissions Report. There, you will find detailed information about your sales and commissions earned from your referrals.

How to log into WordPress?

To log into your WordPress site, go to the default login address of WordPress is at

Replace with your actual domain name and fill in your username and password.

How do I enforce HTTPS?

To enforce HTTPS go to Site Tools > Security > HTTPS Enforce. Toggle the HTTPS Enforce button to On next to the chosen domain.

How to create a page in WordPress?

To create a static page in your WordPress blog, go to your admin area > Pages > Add New. When the page is ready, save and publish it.

What is my MySQL Server Hostname?

To connect to your database from an application or a script use localhost as MySQL hostname.

How to restore my database?

To restore your database, go to your Site Tools > Security > Backups. Under Manage Backups, choose the preferred date and go to the kebab menu > Restore Databases. Select the database and click on Confirm.

How do I cancel my hosting?

To cancel your hosting, go to your Client Area > Services > Hosting and press Manage next to the chosen hosting plan. Click on the kebab menu on the right and select Cancel. Then choose when you’d like to cancel it and click Continue.